Independence Day $10 Coupon Giveaway

Independence Day $10 Coupon Giveaway


Hope you are safe and creative during the pandemic situation. I live in India and the Covid19 is hitting very badly here in my country. All major cities are still under lockdown stage. However, creativity and talent should not be locked due to the external things which are not in our hands.

Every year, August 15th is celebrated as Independence Day of India, hence I am offering a $10 coupon code for Beat licensing to everyone who will respond to this post and take the steps mentioned below in this article.

In addition to this, I'm very excited to share my Youtube Playlist of all best beats with you to stay motivated and creative all the time.
Check it here: Rahul Simaro Beats Catalog

I was too busy working on new projects and some fire beats in the past two months. I uploaded almost 20 new beats on my Beatstars Beat store (Some beats sold out immediately for exclusive rights).
Also, I was doing virtual production and mixing sessions with local artists on their original music. I am really excited to share those songs with you once it releases. 

Beat Catalog Playlist

Can you do me a favor?

I'm trying to grow my Youtube channel and currently have only 24 subscribers who are actively supporting my beats and other music videos. I will be very grateful if you subscribe and comment on any of my videos so that I will know you read this article and came after for support.

Not just that, I would be happy to reward you with a $10 coupon code for any beat on my beat store for free. The code will be applicable on all beat licenses including the cheapest $15 beat. (For example, if you like $15 beat, you'll have to only pay $5 to get it for your songs)  

Just follow a few simple steps mentioned below

1. Subscribe to my 
Official Youtube Channel and comment on any Beat video for supporting the channel. You can like all videos and comment if you wish. But make sure you don't skip every video right after opening it. Give it a listen for at least a minute or two. Otherwise, the Youtube algorithm will detect your comments, likes, and subscription as spam. (And you won't like this because spam comments will not be considered as an entry.
2. Follow all the social links included in this article. (Available at the bottom of this blog post)
3. Send me a mail at [email protected]  saying you've completed the above steps and share your social profiles from where you followed/liked/subscribed to my social links. It's just for verifying you have been to my profiles and added me to your network. (I will follow back all my supporters just to stay in contact with them. So, it's a win-win for us.)
4. After receiving your entry, I will send you a unique coupon code that you can use 1-time for any beat purchase.
5. Don't forget to mention which beats you like the most and are interested in purchasing it. I'll generate a special coupon code for you to use for that beat. If you like more than one beat, mention your favorite beats and I'll give another offer apart from a $10 discount coupon, which you are going to love.
6. This offer may not last for a long time as the number of coupons is limited. So make sure you get the code and redeem it immediately after receiving it. And do not share the coupon code as it will be linked to the email ID. Only email IDs performing and submitting the entries will be able to redeem the discount.
7. This giveaway is open for everyone, so you can share it with your friends so that they can be benefited as well.

Thanks for your time, stay creative, and create amazing music.
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