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Music Composer and Producer.

Rahul Simaro is an Indian singer-songwriter, music composer, and music producer. Apart from music, Rahul is also active in fields like writing, blogging, filmmaking, video editing and direction. He is working as a full-time artist and has worked for a few short films, music albums, music videos, web series, and others as music composer and producer.

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Music is an art and I'm still exploring it. However, in the past years, I've honed my skills and tried to acheive skillsets which are essential for Music Producer and Composer.

Please get in touch if you are having any requirement for music. I'll be happy to help you in your projects, be it small or big budget. Drop me a message or call me to take things further. See you soon.

Music Composing & Production
Singing & Lyrics Writing
Music Promotion

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Music Production

High-Quality Music Production services for Films, Music Albums, and OTT platforms. Industry-standard quality assurance!

Music Composing

Music composition service for Films, Music Videos, and digital platforms. Has worked for all popular Music Genres as composer.


High-quality genre-specific mixing & mastering services. Trained professional with hands-on practice on analog as well as digital technology.

Music Marketing & Branding

Marketing is an irreplaceable aspect of the Music industry. Result-driven & cost-effective marketing services.

Video Production & Editing

Breathtaking visual with original music service. Professional Video Production & Editing as per your needs.

Training & Counselling

Learn and explore the art of Music Production, Video Production & Editing, and Marketing.

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